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Transgressive Podcast



involving a violation of accepted or imposed boundaries, especially those of social acceptability. "her experiences of transgressive love with both sexes"
  • relating to fiction, cinematography, or art in which orthodox cultural, moral, and artistic boundaries are challenged by the representation of unconventional behavior and the use of experimental forms.
  • Geology
    (of a stratum) overlapping others unconformably, especially as a result of marine transgression.
  • - from Oxford Languages

    Context for our name:



    A combination of the prefix Trans, meaning related to gender identity / transition, and Aggressive

    We wanted the play on the original term as being trans is still seen as transgressing the normal "boundaries" that society places on gender identity.. and their tendency to want to marginalize trans people and dismiss trans identites and people.

    - we made this up.. jsut now.. as a suitable title that wasn't already taken

    This podcast will cover issues of gender identity, transition, wider LGBTQIA+ issues, and wider still social justice issues from a trans perspective.

    It is intended to be a short form podcast - episodes ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, generally covering a single issue. We intend to keep up with current events but will try to ensure we also have plenty of "evergreen" content

    This is our first podcast project so we expect we'll make mistakes along the way, but we hope you will journey with us.